Democrazy, a conspiracy theory that create an unstable political situation. Egypt? Libya? Indonesia?

everybody knows about democracy, simple theory about politic that used by more a half country around the world. why? simple, it’s all about power, leadership power and voices of citizen. every country didn’t want their president to lead more than 10 years, different country, different policy, but in the same meaning.

now, the story is little different. me, you, or even the theory creator can’t find actual democracy again, can’t. there is a war behind. religion, faith, ideology, all of those things unfriendly with democracy. in the other side, democracy is still not a priority, nonsense. religion, faith, and ideology still number one, above everything.

another things, i don’t believe with destiny. the creator, create destiny. but, we still need to decide how our life in next. so,

Everyone want to lead others, but, who is the participants? Then, you still can be a leader for yourself and your family.

everyone want to be a leader, in big scale actually. not too big, not too small, but enough. at the end, there is very small chance available. then, who is the participant? the leader itself?

to have a power, voices, leader is not the only way. there is many way to go to roma. like a nature law, if you’re good, people around will good. we don’t know destiny, but we can create tomorrow.

as a student, schools is our second home. that is reality, not joke. can you imagine how your second home are? is it affect your life?

Life for school or school for life?

another dilemma, study more than 8 hours a day at school. after that, homework waiting to be finished. more than 10 hours study a day? joking? no. quality vs quantity, life for school or school for life. a big things to think about.

then, regarding to this article, writer only want to deliver this message: “think out of the box“, use your own comprehension to get the answer.