We wonder, what if everyday travel becomes a near death experience for our life ? When we walk, we worry about being hit. When we drive, we worry about being crashed. When we flew, we still worry about falling. So, what’s the safest form of travel in now days ? Well, look at this interesting statistics i saw at wikipedia.org

Deaths per billion hours
Bus: 11.1
Rail: 30
Air: 30.8
Water: 50
Van: 60
Car: 130
Foot: 220
Bicycle: 550
Motorcycle: 4840
Deaths per billion journeys
Bus: 4.3
Rail: 20
Van: 20
Car: 40
Foot: 40
Water: 90
Air: 117
Bicycle: 170
Motorcycle: 1640
Deaths per billion kilometres
Air: 0.05
Bus: 0.4
Rail: 0.6
Van: 1.2
Water: 2.6
Car: 3.1
Bicycle: 44.6
Foot: 54.2
Motorcycle: 108.9

From the statistics, we can see the safest form of travel is by bus. The most dangerous is by motorcycle. Shockingly, we think as the safest form of travel, by foot, stands up high in the deaths per billion kilometers, hours, and journeys. For who have phobia in flying, don’t worry because your chance of death is  low, compare to the death from motorcycle. From what i see, the statistics doesn’t mean anything. If we can priority safety first. Motorcycle tops up the chart because there are so many reckless driving that can cause so many death. While bus, because of safety driving, can avoid many accident that can cause death. Death caused by accident, accident caused by reckless, but reckless can be avoid by caution. So, caution when you travel !!!!