So, about this post, it’s nothing special. One day i just got bored enough. I look at my desktop, thinking “hmmm, what to do, what to do. Oh, I know. maybe I just customize my desktop. It’s been a year since I customize my desktop.” So, I designed my desktop from this

to this….

“hmmm, still not interesting. Ahhh, maybe I can change the Wallpaper. Since I’m an Oasis fan. Maybe I should hide the icon too. I like simplicity. Oh, don’t forget the taskbar !!”

“Yeah, much better. But wait a minute, if I can add all Oasis album, it will be much nicer. Oh yeah, what if I add a docklet !! Then i put all of my Oasis album in the docklet. Nice idea !!”

“Wickeeedd !!! But wait, maybe I can add another docklet for a shortcut”

“Sh*t, i forgot how i know what day is it… Wait !! I just remembered i just downloaded Serious Samurize. I can make my custom date using this apps. Ok then, here we go…”

“Success !! If i can add some widget like iTunes, it could be perfect!! Maybe can solve this up.”

“YEAH, this will do. Ok then, time for blogging hehehe”

And this is the final result !!!

Sooo, what do you think ? Sorry if the explanation is so rubbish hehe, mind my english. Thank you for your attention !!

Thanks to :

  • Serious Samurize

  • Stardock

  • Objectdock

  • CD Art Display

  • And you !! Yeah, thank you for reading this blog !!