“Object that is faster than a speed of sound??”

Supersonic is a word that describe an object that can travel more faster than a speed of sound. That means the velocity of the object is more than appro ximately 343 m/s, or that is equal if you travel a three and a half of a football pitch in a second !!!


Uniquely, if you get passed by a supersonic object, You see the object passing you without sound. A seconds later, you hear a loud sound after you get passed by a supersonic object. Why ? here’s a picture that can roughly explain about the phenomenal.

The plane is a object that reach supersonic. The cone is the wave that was produced by the plane. As the speed increase, the waves are forced together, or compressed, because they cannot “get out of the way” of each other, eventually merging into a single shock wave at the speed of sound. In simple way, as the plane passed you, the wave then follow the plane, forming a cone. The wave then hits you, transmitting loud sound into your ear. That is the process how you get passed by a supersonic object.

How about “sonic” and “hypersonic” ? A re they are the same as supersonic? Technically, Sonic, Supersonic, and Hypersonic have a common things. They use sound barrier as their postulate.

Theoretically, is the same as unit of length. But, it use Sonic as their base unit. So, in order you can set Sonic, Supersonic, Hypersonic as the unit. They use mach to represent the speed. 1 mach is equal 343 m/s or 1236 km/h.



Subsonic Transonic Sonic Supersonic Hypersonic High-hypersonic
Mach <0.75 0.75–1.2 1.0 1.2–5.0 5.0–10.0 >10.0