Supermoon is a full or new moon that coincides with a close approach by the Moon to the Earth –

In a simple word, supermoon is an event that made the moon looks bigger. Supermoon caused by the distance between moon and earth at it’s closest. The average distance of the moon from the earth is 384.403 km. While in supermoon, the distance is more shorter, about 356,400 km. It caused the moon looks bigger 14 percent bigger, and 30 percent brighter than normal. The impact of a supermoon can make the tide more powerful, yet the force it still to weak to reach threaten position.

The last supermoon occurred recently on 19 March 2011. Unfortunately, i waited for this event occurred on my homeland, but never happened because of the cloudy weather which is hard to see the moon. I was disappointed thou because i have to wait next 18 years to see this event happening.

But don’t worry. Here are some photos of supermoon that I took from the internet. Enjoy mate !!



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