People claimed it as the most notorious serial killer in America. Millions of people, thousands of police, hundreds of detective, yet even the FBI doesn’t know who is the real identity of the Zodiac Killer. The victims of the Zodiac Killer is mostly a young teen, aged from 17 to 20 years old. Although the Zodiac Killer confirm 37 kills, but investigators only confirm 7 victims, 3 were survived.

The case started in 1968 on Lake Herman Road. Two high school student were on their first date. The couple planned to attend a Christmas concert at Hogan High about three blocks from Jensen’s home. The couple, instead, visited a friend before stopping at a local restaurant, and then driving out on Lake Herman Road. At about 10:15 p.m., the couple parked his mother’s Rambler in a gravel turnout, which was a well-known lovers’ lane. But their first date changed to become their worst nightmare. A moments after that, a mysterious car parked behind the couple. The driver then rush to the couple and shot cold them with a 22 caliber pistol. When the police arrived, there were no traces about the killer. No fingerprint, no tracks, just two dead body that was shot by the killer.

The Lake Herman Road murder then triggered a next serial numbers of murders by the Zodiac Killer. By 1970, a letter were sent to the local police department. It was written by the Zodiac Killer. It contain the credits for all of his murders and a 408-symbol cryptogram. Soon, the police cracked the cryptogram to be the Zodiac Killer motives.It says that the Zodiac Killer purpose of the killing is a personal satisfaction. He believes that killing is a dangerous game to play with. In the end of the letter, there was a cross circle, the famous signature from the Zodiac Killer.

Still, the Zodiac Killer identity never revealed. Many were suspected, but never match. Even the FBI were on this case, but were never solved the case. The Zodiac Killer will remain as The Most Elusive and Notorious Killer in the America.

One of the letter that sent to the local police department

Zodiac Killer Signature

A sketch of the Zodiac killer based on witness testimonies

The date explain the time occurrence of the murders take action

408-symbol cryptogram

The Zodiac Killer