So many people knows about how to drive safely, but usually, they didn’t obey the rules. One of the rules that people often to break is text while driving.

Many reports and statistics do show that text while driving is way more dangerous while driving than making or answering a phone call.

Statistics show that in 2009, 5,474 people were killed in the U.S. because of accidents that involved distracted driving. Another 448,000 were injured. From that 5,474 deaths, Text while driving contributes about 995 deaths. That’s about 20 percent from the 5,474 deaths. Regarding these factors, the number is high. More disturbingly, the 30- to 39-year-old age group had the highest percentage of cell phone use in fatal crashes. We know that they like to bring their family or children with them.

What are the tips to don’t text and drive ? Simple, you can shut down the phone while driving. But many people consider this solution is a bit loss to them. We know the demand of information and communication¬† is high in this era, so many people like to always turn their phone on because they don’t want to miss any call or text from their important person or they don’t want to miss the consequential news or information out there. But don’t worry. Here is a useful tips that i found in a forum.

1) phones should have driving mode profile besides the silent and offline modes (airplane mode) and all the others.

2) Driving mode profile will be activated manually then when the phone speed is X KPH or above (X could be user defined like 20 KPH or 30 KPH, and the speed is taken from the GPS signal or based on cell tower positioning methods)

3) Driving modes features the following:
a. the person name who’s trying to contact us through email, SMS or a call will be read out loudly.
b. in case of SMS the content will be read also. (already implemented in our nokias long time back)
c. reply to sms through voice commands.
d. in case that the speed is less than X, the phone will switch back to the preset mode.

Or, pull off the road safely and stop.

We know you don’t want to end up like this don’t you ?

So, never to text and drive while in road. Be safe and obey all rules in the street.



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